Saturday, April 24, 2010

Okay ~ Here I go

I have been bathing now for 38 years. I just took one of the best baths of my life ! I have recently began using essentials again. I "played" with them some back in my twenties ~ dang can't believe I'm old enough to say THAT!!! Anyway just making my own massage oils, never bathing in them. Well I have recently began a craving to make soaps, and I found my book on essentials oils, and my book on natural beauty treatments. Well that got me to thinking I could make my own bath products. I already sell jewelry I make on , ,
and now,
and I of course have a facebook page with at the moment 900 fans !!

Find them all on the right side of my blog.

So I'm hoping with my little following that I am still building, I can just start offering my products and the sales will fly in !! So why not I figure, women are always looking for bath rituals, and things that make them feel divine . I feel like I am off to a wonderful start and can't wait to embark on this journey and I'm taking you with me. I don't know how soon I will products ready to sell, I have enlisted a few testers from all over the world to test my packaging, shipping, and products on. Hopefully they will write me reviews so that once I do start offering my products for sale, you will already have reviews from people (other than me) who have tried them!!!

Please come with me on this journey and read about my travels through the bathing world!!